• flannel_etcd: Uses the configured etcd store handler for it’s network configuration
  • flanneld_service: Uses flannel in client/server mode. Requires options to have address of host:port.


Cluster Statuses

  • ok: The cluster is active as expected.
  • degraded: The cluster has one more more nodes that are not active.
  • failed: No nodes are currently active.

Host Statuses

  • investigating: The host has passed credentials to commissaire which is now looking at the system.
  • bootstrapping: The host is going through changes to become active.
  • active: The host is part of the cluster and is registered with the Container Manager.
  • disassociated: The host exists but is not associated with the Container Manager.
  • failed: Unable to access the system.

Upgrade Statuses

  • in_process: The cluster is currently upgrading hosts.
  • finished: The cluster successfully upgraded.
  • failed: The cluster could not upgrade.

ContainerManager Types

  • openshift: A cluster with an OpenShift compatible API.