CPD-1: CPD Process


  • CPD Version: 1
  • Status: Accepted


Commissaire Proposal Documents (CPD) provide a consistent way to propose large changes to the project for review.


Most changes to Commissaire are small, iterative enhancements and bug fixes. When a larger change to the project may make sense a CPD provides a formalized way to propose the change, request review, and refine the idea until it is either accepted or rejected.


CPD Process

The following process should be followed when a CPD is needed:

  1. Open up an Issue with a brief description
  2. Note in the Issue that a CPD will be created
  3. Create an initial CPD
  4. Update the Issue with a link to the CPD and request feedback
  5. Update the CPD as needed and ask for feedback
  6. Accepted/Closed Phase
  • If 75% or more of the active development team give the CPD a :+1: it is Approved
  • If 50% or more of the active development team disagrees with the CPD it is Closed
  • If the person proposing the CPD no longer wishes to continue they can request it to be Closed
  • If none of the above is met the cycle can continue to 5.
  1. The current development lead(s) pull in the CPD to the docs folder and update the status
  2. The current development lead(s) update the issue with the result


Each CPD will have a unique number associated with it. As an example, this CPD will have the number 1 and should be referenced as CPD-1. The CPD number shall be the same as any issue number opened. As an example, if there is an issue #10 that needs a larger design then the CPD would be CPD-10.

Outline of a CPD

Label Parent Label Description
Name None CPD name. Ex: CPD-1.
Metadata Name CPD CPD Version, Status (Open, Closed, Accepted)
Description Name Short description of the CPD.
Rational Name Why there is a need to make the change.
Design Name Deep dive into changes. May have subsections.
Checklist Name Important items to note.
User Story Name User story that would be used to implement the change.
Acceptance Criteria Name Criteria that must be met for the change to be considered complete.
References Name Any helpful external links.

CPD Status

The status of a CPD will be changed to Accepted if and when 75% or more of the active core development team gives the CPD a :+1:. It is the job of at least one of the development leads to update the CPD to Accepted status and note it is accepted in the related issue(s).


  • breaks API backward compatibility
  • breaks user interaction backward compatibility
  • requires new or replaces current libraries

User Story

As a developer on Commissaire I want a formalized way to propose large changes so that the larger group can help refine the ultimate solution.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Verify that a template for proposals is created
  • Verify that a proposal that describes the process is created
  • Verify that documentation is updated